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Equipped with a 10mm composite magnetic dynamic driver for more details

Designed with a low impedance of 23ohms makes EDX easy to use

Stylish Ergonomic Appearance


 10mm Composite Magnetic Dynamic Driver

KZ EDX is the newly released budget HiFi earphones. While making it more affordable, we never compromise on quality. Each product is equipped with a 10mm composite magnetic dynamic driver for more details. The powerful dynamic driver is excellent in presenting human voices with which you will be fully immersed in this wonderful world.

Mater Tuning Technology

Tuning is mainly popular and ACG oriented. The strong magnetic force increase the low frequency density which is more suitable for the needs of electronic music and heavy instrumental music. The rapid improvement of transient response can meet the demands of vocal and classical music for medium frequency details

Easy to Drive, Plug and Play

Designed with a low impedance of 23ohms makes EDX easy to use directly with your cellphone. It’s easy to push and reach the satisfying results. 112dB shows the mid and low frequency is more delicate. You can easily use it with your phone, no more extra amplifier is needed

Detachable 2 Pin Cable

Coming with a detachable 2 pin cable, the KZ EDX ensures full ungradeability. You can easily change it into your preferred cable anytime and enjoy the next level of HiFi world. Moreover, the Microphone is available for your needs. The customized dual capacitor standard microphone is compatible with most phones.

ES9038Q2M DAC chip

The LA-QXD is a well designed DAC built on a ES9038Q2M Sabre 32-bit chip ntegrated in balanced mode. This component belongs to ESS flagship series and is among the best current hardware solutions for high-fidelity audio decoding. It uses HyperStream 32 BIT 768kHz architecture with native DSD support. Each one of this chips is also equipped with advanced reconstruction filters and uses some of the finest dithering techniques available on the audio market. ESS ES9038Q2M SABRE DACs are also very popular thanks to their ability to operate volume with almost no consequences on the audio bitrate.

What's in the box?

Unwrap the essence of exceptional audio with the KZ EDX. Each box contains:

Dive into a world of crystal-clear sound with these meticulously crafted in-ear monitors, where every note is a testament to the EDX's subtle audio engineering.

A robust, braided cable that ensures durability and performance, featuring a standard 3.5mm jack. The beauty of detachability? You get to enhance your music experience with versatility and ease of use.

Your go-to manual for all the features and functionalities of your new sonic companion. Get tips on fit, maintenance, and how to maximize your audio experience.

We stand by the quality of our products. Included is a warranty card detailing coverage to ensure your peace of mind with every listen.

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