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The newly developed 5BA HiFi earphones

Excellent low frequency and strong dynamic

Ergonomics and noise cancellation function


Professional 5BA Earphones

Following the flagship professional style, KZ ASF is designed with 5 balanced armatures per side. The selected 5 drivers make a great configuration to fully presents the power of balanced armatures. 22955S BA, 29689S BA, 31736S BA and 30095S BA consist the newly developed product. New and classic and professional

What’s the Difference of the New BA

With over ten years of acoustic experience, KZ is specializing in the development of a new generation balanced armatures. Different from the existed BA in the market, this one has the brand-new acoustic technology with a wider diaphragm and more powerful vibration. Each details are presented with full dynamics and high quality

Excellent Bass and Strong Dynamic Response.

Because of the special back hole design and the stability of the balanced armatures, the low frequency is enhanced to a pleasant level. This design allows the diaphragm to vibrate more freely than a conventional closed balanced armatures. It can also decrease the distortion

The Improved Mid Frequency

As most tuning usually ignored the basis of the sound, the mid frequency, KZ ASF has made professional sound quality adjustments from the user’s perspective to strengthen the mids. The frequency response range is 10Hz-40000Hz. You can hear the broad sound field, clear human voice or pure music.

Zinc Alloy&Resin Shell, Noise Cancellation

KZ ASF adopts the zinc alloy for the faceplate and the imported resin for the shell. The shell can restrain unnecessary vibration while the unique ergonomic shape is comfortable for wearing. Included high quality cable can improve transparency, separation and sound field. Overall, it’s a product of high standard of quality

What's in the box?

Unwrap the essence of exceptional audio with the KZ ASF. Each box contains:

Dive into a world of crystal-clear sound with these meticulously crafted in-ear monitors, where every note is a testament to the ASF's advanced audio engineering.

A robust, braided cable that ensures durability and performance, featuring a standard 3.5mm jack. The beauty of detachability? You get to enhance your music experience with versatility and ease of use.

Find your perfect fit with multiple sizes (S, M, L) of soft silicone eartips designed for comfort and noise isolation, so your music stays pure and your ears stay comfortable.

Your go-to manual for all the features and functionalities of your new sonic companion. Get tips on fit, maintenance, and how to maximize your audio experience.

We stand by the quality of our products. Included is a warranty card detailing coverage to ensure your peace of mind with every listen.

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